On 6 September last, Stéphane Soumier interviewed me as part of his program “Good Morning Business”. On the occasion of the recent release of my book “Leaders of the third type” at Editions Eyrolles, we discussed the evolution of leadership in the digital age.

It was after the intervention at Oxford University of Michael Maccoby, professor at Harvard, that the idea of ​​writing this book came to me. His theory was that the leaders are narcissistic and even narcissistic dominant, and that in the face of the complexity of the world, it is the only profile capable of actually directing.

If I am convinced that the leader of tomorrow will have to maintain a narcissistic fiber, I am also convinced that his profile will evolve considerably, developing new personality attributes.

He will have to be more creative, agile, collaborative and humble. In reality, he will have to know how to surround himself, to listen, to collaborate in order to bring skills and talents together in a collective objective. . It will integrate all forms of diversity and give meaning to its commitment and that of others.
The narcissistic leader will evolve towards the “Leader of the third type”, sometimes passing through the stage of “augmented Narcissism”.