With all the talk going around about Bitcoin, it is difficult to not take a keen interest in it. If you wish to make quick returns and simultaneously don’t mind getting exposed to some risk, then it is logical that you too would have planned to purchase bitcoins at some point of time. Today, purchasing bitcoin has become easy and effortless. However, when it comes to buying Bitcoin with paypal, it is still a mystery waiting to be solved. As of today, there is no direct method through which one can buy bitcoin with paypal. As a matter of fact, Paypal at times, sees Bitcoins as its direct rival when it comes to operating as a separate currency for transactions between individuals. However, there are loopholes that can be used by one to buy bitcoins via paypal. This may seem to be long and tiring to some, while it may be quite convenient and exciting for others.

Purchase of bitcoin through credit card and debit card is possible. It is to be noted that Paypal issues its own credit card. So if you really wish to purchase bitcoins through this route then you have to request for a paypal credit card. One you have a paypal credit card, you have become a part of the credit card network. This can be used to purchase Bitcoins just like you would with any other credit card. This is a slightly lengthy and time taking process but once you have your credit card, this wouldn’t be much difficult.

Another route through which you can purchase bitcoins through paypal is via Wirex app. This app serves as an integrated platform of digital currency and supports processes like transferring, selling and purchasing Bitcoin. An intermediary connection is used to achieve the same purpose of buying Bitcoins. If you are planning to trade frequently with Bitcoins then it is important to know that installing the Wirexapp and creating your account on it can be extremely beneficial for multiple reasons. Once you have your Wirex account ready, you have to click on “Request a card” at the upper right hand edge of your screen and can then ask for a virtual or a physical card. You will have to link this card to your PayPal account and then transfer from money Paypal to this card. Then with the Wirexapp you can freely purchase Bitcoin with dollars.

There are other methods too but these are slightly lengthy and more complex. It is important that you exercise the same level of safety and caution when you Buy bitcoin with paypal as you would with any other mode of purchase of any crypto currency. Safety and security of transactions involving financial instruments is something that you should never compromise with.