Nearly everyone who is faced with hiring a lawyer for any reason feels some stress about the potential expense of having experienced legal help. You may find that a positive result makes the investment worthwhile when all is said and done. However, if you’re similar to most people, you have reservations at the beginning because of the money that could be involved.

You can get the help you need without this common stress when you consult with no win no fee lawyers who will charge you a fee for legal services only if your claim has a positive result for you. If you’re not aware of your rights and don’t want to pay for legal help to ask questions and clear up your concerns about the situation, this may be the answer that you’re looking for. If you believe that pursuing your case would be too expensive, you should also consider working with an attorney on this basis.

Make Your Claim

Some estimates show that only about three people out of 10 pursue their claims for the two major reasons mentioned – lack of information or money concerns. But you can explore your options without up-front expenses. You may want to start by discussing your situation by phone. This is a good way for you and for the lawyer to determine if you should proceed and can proceed. This initial advice may be enough to convince you that you have a claim you should pursue.

Because you’re working with a lawyer who is confident enough to offer no-win/no-fee, your first consultation is free. This simply means that if you don’t proceed with your claim, you aren’t charged. One of the reasons a skilled and experienced lawyer can make this offer involves the principle of selection. They don’t take every case they’re offered. If, in their estimation, the chances of success are low, you will be informed of this immediately.

No Win, No Fee

This is worth repeating: If your lawyer doesn’t get your positive result – a win – you won’t be charged for the legal work that he or she has performed. If you do win, the lawyer can only charge you by the hour based on the time devoted to your case. This regulation is set in Australian law so that’s how you’ll be charged. It’s also important to understand that you can receive an estimate of what your charges will be so you have a good idea of the total.

You also benefit from having your lawyer cover up-front fees and costs including medical reports, witness reports from experts, filing fees, and so on. These are generally deducted from your settlement along with the fees that the lawyer charges. As you can see, you don’t have up-front costs when you work with an attorney who is confident that he or she will achieve the result that you want and deserve.