Taking the legacy of its glorious elders, the all-new Mazda MX-5 won nine new awards in 2016, including several in Europe.Launched last summer, the new version of this legendary roadster now counts more than 15 awards – and more are coming.

What Car? Has voted the fourth-generation MX-5 the best convertible in the UK market – ahead of such prestigious contenders as the Audi A3 and the BMW 4 Series – as well as the best convertible worth less than £ 25,000. The icon of the Mazda brand is also featured in the Sunday Times’ “Top 100 Vehicles”, ranking in the top two-seaters category against competitors such as Jaguar, Ferrari and Porsche.

On the continent, the all-new MX-5 won the “Best Cars 2016”, reader’s prize of the German magazine Auto, Motor & Sport. He was also crowned “Best Convertible of the Year 2015” by the Portuguese magazine Turbo, and “Best Model 2015” in the GEOM Index, which has studied nearly 800,000 entries from specialized Spanish websites, blogs and other forums In the automobile industry. Meanwhile, the MX-5 was voted “Car of the Year 2016” by Wheels magazine for the third time in its history amongst a panel of 25 vehicles, mostly top-of-the-range (including the Mazda CX-3). He was also awarded the “Best Sports Car for the Money 2016” (best value sports car / equipment) by US News &

The latter awards came after two other major awards won by the MX-5 last year in his home country – the Japanese Car of the Year 2015-2016 and the Car of the Year 2015-2016 “from the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame. He was also crowned with the “Best Drop Top” in the “Best Scotland of the Year 2015” contest and topped the cabriolet category at the “Car of the Year” awards organized by the Drive magazine in Australia.

In terms of price / pleasure ratio, this little roadster is unmatched in the market ,” it was read in the magazine What Car ?. And Auto, Motor & Sport magazine to outbid: ” The fourth-generation MX-5 marks a new milestone in Mazda’s efforts to produce a lightweight sports car with the ideal proportions to provide an unmatched driving experience.” The editorial team of the Sunday Times Driving Supplement (which established the best 100 vehicles and models in its category for its newspaper) was equally inspired by the statement: “On the road, the MX -5 changes direction like a featherweight boxer, climbs the towers with disconcerting ease while allowing you to ” Fully exploit its power without compromising its traction. “

So far, car customers have been as enthusiastic as the juries of these different awards. Sales of the MX-5 almost quadrupled in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2015. It sold 1 million units in the 27 years since the launch of the original model in 1989. Since then, Of legend sport has won over 240 distinctions worldwide.

The all-new MX-5, which was launched in Europe last fall, has a more aggressive design than its three predecessors. It is the very first MX-5 to acquire SKYACTIV Technologies, including two gasoline engines with very high fuel efficiency (131 hp and 160 hp), and the first to offer a whole range of advanced safety systems Active and connectivity. At the same time, the MX-5 has retained its emblematic qualities of simplicity, lightness and pure driving pleasure, with some 100 kg less weight than the third-generation model.