Known for their expertise in mortgaging, the friendly consultants of onQFinancial are willingly prepared to assist homeowners especially the first timers by giving them excellent guidance and suggestions on order of process and better customer service eliminating doubts, anxieties, and delays that are frequently correlated with other mortgages companies. Where on QFinancial makes the teams are willing to help the prospective client to avail the exact home loan solution that fits the budget of the customer. They assist the homeowner by giving them the simplest and modified mortgage program to give the best services they valued their customers. Here, constant communication, transparency, and trustworthiness can always be relied on by the team QFinancials.

What important aspects OnQFinancials could offer to homeowners in terms of loan processing?

Because of too much excitement moving to a new home, homeowners want the mortgage loan to process at the quickest time. Delayed in the processing always lead them to deep disappointment. But with OnQFinancial, get the customer to the closing table of on Time- Guaranteed.  The team can give the quickest step to complete each step in order to make the process speedy. With company’s creative and competitive loan programs, it allows the client to always put there best foot forward in terms of home financing. The expert mortgage consultants are all experience and are equipped with the ever-changing housing business. The team is highly trained by business leaders to design a home loan to the best advantage of the homeowners.

How can FHA loan extend help to the customers?

OnQFinancial is offering an FHA loan to all interested homeowners that can’t afford the expensive mortgage. The FHA loan is the perfect solution for clients that may not qualify for a common mortgage. This type of loan allows the customer to buy a basic residence with a very low down payment and is given insurance by the Federal Housing Administration. They mainly help families to become homeowners by lowering the number of operating expenses and the downpayment which is the hindrance to buying.

What benefits could the homeowners get from FHA loan?

Customer who had credit events prior to availing FHA could still avail through establishing the credit line. FHA has a briefer waiting period compared to conventional loans for a debtor who has a credit event, that includes bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale provided they are able to re-established their credit. The downpayment is a requirement is very minimal. The minimum down payment is as low as 3.6% on most types of real estate. The borrower can utilize the down payment with a gift. The down payment could be a gift fund coming from a member of a family or from charitable organizations. This is one of the basic benefits of the FHA that has been offered.