1 January 2016:
entry into force of the complementary health for all

Since January 1st, every company must have implemented a complementary health for all its employees . This complementary health must be financed at least 50% by the company. It must comply with minimum guarantees, established according to the new rules of the responsible contract .

1 July 2016: the new deadline for the local scheme

The majority of employees employed by a company in Alsace Moselle are covered by the local health insurance scheme . For this scheme, the Social Security pays the health costs up to 90% of the Basis of reimbursement against 70% for the general scheme.

In view of the specific nature of the local Alsace Moselle regime, the government decided to allocate an additional period to all companies whose employees are under the local regime . These companies will be able to benefit from an additional 6 months in order to set up complementary health compulsory for all their staff.

This decision, published on January 27th in the Official Journal (article 197) , was taken in order to allow the government time to adapt the generalization of the health supplement to the special scheme of Alsace Moselle. The generalization of the complementary health for all will have to be effective by 1 July next for employees covered by the local scheme.

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Sources: Official Journal, Medef Alsace